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Benefits of the mediation


  • Mediation costs less than a trial
  • It takes less time than a trial;
  • It involves an absolute confidentiality;
  • The solution is not decided by a judge or an arbiter but it is agreed by the parties;
  • The atmosphere is one of trust which makes the stress accompanying the actions in the law court disappear;
  • The parties can recover some of the court taxes, if the conflict has already reached that stage;
  • The mediator is not appointed by an authority; he is chosen by the conflicting parties;
  • The parties decide on the day and on the place of the mediation;
  • The parties remain in good relations as at the end of the mediation process there are no winners or losers.

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Mediation field


  • Family conflicts
  • Workplace and labor conflicts
  • Business
  • Internal negotiations within companies
  • Intellectual rights
  • Community and neighboring conflicts
  • Consumer protection
  • Succession conflicts
  • Real estate conflicts
  • Cross-cultural and ethnic conflicts
  • Environmental conflicts
  • Other conflicts

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